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Making this world a better place to live in by learning the importance of equality and how it should be enjoyed by everyone. Even though this word has been a part of the constitution ever since our country got independence but still it’s not being served to everyone.

We work for it, We care for it!


We at Aaghaaz are determined to work for a society where women being the breadwinner of the house won’t be a taboo anymore, where it won’t be a matter of concern if a woman is living her life on her principles, making her own decisions, professional or personal. Our primary mission is directed to create a space that won’t suppress women but uplift and empower them.


By specifying the word gender, we give an identity to a person and thus ensure that all humans, irrespective of their gender, have equal access to human rights. Aaghaaz works not only towards empowering women but also in promoting gender equality. We firmly believe that every person has the right to equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities. We aim to break those chains which hold us back and normalize every gender to choose their own path whether at career or at home.


Love is love and we truly believe in it! As passionate as we are about empowering our femme folk and promoting gender equality, we also contribute to creating LGBTQI+ awareness. We hold pride marches to encourage our rainbow community to feel loved and supported. Our society makes sure every gender, binary or non-binary, is represented and feels proud of its identity. Coming out of the closet isn’t an easy thing to do, but we can make it easy for them by being more accepting and becoming an ally.

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